Welcome to Plein Air at the Lost Coast and Shelter Cove!

On behalf of the Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation (SCARF), the sponsor of  Plein Air at the Lost Coast, I want to personally welcome and thank you for visiting this website. 

I discovered Shelter Cove and Southern Humboldt  quite by accident.  For years, I had traveled through the area, unaware of the unique beauty of the Lost Coast, only 20 miles from Highway 101.  Within a month of "discovering" it, my wife and I purchased land and eventually built a home. I have now traveled to six continents and over 67 countries and nowhere have I found a place that "Capture's the Magic" as that of the Lost Coast.  As an artist, everywhere you look is another picture waiting to be captured in paint, water color, pastel, or whatever choice of medium you prefer. 

This is our second year of "Plein Air at the Lost Coast".  We had a fabulous inaugural event with over 45 artists, $5,000 in prize money and plenty of fun events for artists and family members.  Our second event should be bigger and better including $5,500 in prize money.  I guarantee that those  who join us this year will be amazed at our wild and untamed rugged scenery.  Not only are there oceans to paint, but thousands of square miles of wilderness mountains surrounding us in the Majestic King  Range National Conservation Area and the neighboring Redwood Parks.  

We have worked hard to put together a complete experience for those who join us. This year, we have added registration at the Historic Benbow Inn(as well as in Shelter Cove) and a quick draw the first day to really get things going. We have workshops, 2 Quick Draws, prizes, hikes, social opportunities and hours of time to create your work. SCARF working with our partners, the Bureau of Land Management, the Humboldt Lodging Alliance, and the Humboldt Insider/North Coast Journal has assured your experience here will remain with you for a lifetime.  Your  skills as an artist will grow and your artwork will forever "Capture the Magic".

Be sure to visit the Facebook link to the Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation-Plein Air at the Lost Coast linked at the left.  On Facebook,you will see last year's winners (scroll down to October 12, 2014),  pictures of Shelter Cove, and updated information on Plein Air.  We are excited to announce SCARF has opened Shelter Cove's first art gallery!    Please join us on September 30.  I look forward to personally welcoming you!

Mark Mitchell- President

Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation


  Sterling Hoffmann

   Susan Fox

  Monika Piper Johnson

 Jake Gaedtke

$5,500 in prize money!

          See awards tab for details.

Plein Air at the Lost Coast  Plein Air Ev
"Capture the Magic"
September 30, - October 4, 2015
Shelter Cove, CA

The Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation announces the "Patron of the Arts Program" where businesses and individuals who support the arts are recognized.  Please support these businesses. To date, the businesses that we want to thank are the Inn of the Lost Coast, Benbow Historic Inn. the Shelter Cove General Store,  Karin Dunphy, Certified Practitioner, Energy Matters, Estelle Fennell, Humboldt County Supervisor,  Michael & Kathleen Yates, and Jon Benton AIA, Architect & Sally Benton, Theatre Director. If you are interested in becoming a patron, please contact us.  All donations are tax deductible.